2019 Summer Schedule will be available by the end of March. 

Study Skills and Test Taking
$47.00 for 3 hour Session

​          Monday/Wednesday, September 17 & 19th

Ages:  At least 12 but less than 18
Students will be taught test taking strategies and study skills while learning effective study techniques, organizational skills, time management skills and note taking.  Reading and listening skills as well as outlining will be included. 

SAT, PSAT, ACT and ASVAB will be discussed.​

FREE when you sign up for more than 12 hours of tutoring.  

“The most important thing that I was looking for in a program was a structured learning environment.  My youngest son has ADHD, and is bored easily … When the boys came home from the first day of My Learning Studio SMART Summer Camps; they were excited about the things they were learning!  They learned math magic, magic with a deck of cards, they were learning their times tables and they were happy about it!! … The SMART Camp is teaching as well as fun.”  

                             ---Sharon Shanahan, UCR

“Our children come home bubbling with enthusiasm and full of science facts and concepts.  They have done interesting science projects and have been challenged to present orally what they have created to parents and other campers at the end of camp.  We have been very pleased with what they have learned and the fun, creative methods that have been used to teach the concepts.  We have seen them retain and employ this knowledge in regular schools when the same general areas are taught in class.”      
                                                        ---Kristine & Gillian Wilson, Parents

“The Summer Camps provide an exceptional learning environment through hands-on activities, informative staff presentations, and the continued emphasis on building the children’s life skills such as discussing and bringing in healthy foods and having the children prepare and present their projects in front of their peers and parents.”  

---Jennifer Pigeon, Parent & Educator

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​​​Common Core Bootcamps
Reading, Writing & Math

2019 Tentative Dates: 

June 10th to 27th

July 8-25th

$447/4 days a week/3 hrs day/3 wks/ 36 hours
Grades  Kinder -  5th Grades  
Always small groups and limited to 30 students
Monday through Thursday, 9:00am – 12:00pm or 1:00 - 4:00pm

My Learning Studio’s Common Core specialist will help your child build a strong foundation and be prepared for next year.  Our Reading and Math Instructors will either review last years or introduce your child to next year’s Common Core standards by their grade level, ensuring success next school year.  Sign up for one or both sessions.  Each grade has a minimum of 5 students, if the minimum is not met, a shorter time frame, but same material will be offered.  

Students will work on Common Core reading comprehension,  fluency, and vocabulary along with Math standards by grade level.  Reading and math pre and post assessments will be included.  

This Bootcamp can also be utilized during private one on one tutoring. 

“My Child comes home every night with excitement of all the news things she learned and continues to talk about through out the next year.  The camps have taught my daughter to speak up and get involved Her self-esteem is better and no longer scared to speak in front of a group.  Thank YOU My Learning Studio, see you next year.   

---Alida, Parent

“I have attended My Learning Studio Summer Camp for two years, and it just keeps getting better and better.  Every day is an opportunity to do great, hands-on, artistic projects with fun ways to learn new things.  The staff there is very friendly, and they make you feel at home.  This is one of the best summer camps to attend, because it boosts creative development in an exciting way … I have always been fascinated by science and art, and My Learning Studio keeps me hungry for more.  It is a perfect blend of learning and imagination, which makes the experience extra fun for kids like me to express themselves.”                       ---Zurie, age 13

“At My Learning Studio, I learned a lot.  I learned that Epsom salt is good for dead skin, plethora means abundance, and a lot more.  It has helped me with get better at pre-algebra, studying and how to eat healthy by reading labels.”  

                                       ---Stephanie, age 12.