Reading, Writing, & Fluency              $117*
1st-4th graders will love this 2-week class, which will focus on the last quarter of school.  My Learning Studio’s Reading Instructors will focus on reading comprehension, writing, and fluency.  It’s a mini bootcamp or a prep for CC Bootcamp.  8 hours of learning with elective homework where we put “fun” back in fundamentals! Space is limited, register early. 
          June 1st to June 11th
          2 weeks – 8 days 
          9:00am or 11:00am  1st – 2nd grade or 3rd-4th grade

Math Mastery                                   $117*
During 2 weeks of magical math, 1st-4th graders focus on the last quarter of school working on their foundation and preparing them for next year.  Students are provided examples, practice problems, and take-home worksheets to ensure success for the upcoming school year. This is a mini-bootcamp or prep for CC Bootcamp.  
          June 1st to June 11th
          2 weeks – 8 days
          10:00am or 11:00am 1st – 4th grade


Multiplication Magic                         $117*
We make learning multiplication facts fun and memorable. My Learning Studio offers this specialty class, which focuses strictly on multiplication facts, but also gives the student the understanding of “why”, multiplication is a memorization-must-have, and we help you solidify this foundation.
          June 1st to June 11th
          2 weeks – 8 days 
          9:00am or 11:00am

Want some fun?                             $117*
Creative Arts – Monday and/or Wednesday’s at noon
Science of Magic – Tuesday and/or Thursday’s at noon
          June 1st – June 25th 
          June 29th – July 23rd 

Sign up for Art or Science 1-4 days a week for 8 consecutive classes

The Art of Reading & Writing    $77 or $147

Fridays are for fun as we combine reading and writing with art!  Every day starts off with a new book.  And as a group they create a new story and end with an art project focusing on their subject. ​

Designed for 1-5th graders that love art and our goal is to teach them to love reading and writing too.  Limited spots are available and you can sign up for 4 consecutive weeks starting on June 5th or July 3rd
                        4 weeks on Fridays, 9:15 - 11:15am
                       $77 per session or $147 for both


Private Tutoring is always available

Call for availability:     (951) 789-5402

2020 Summer Schedule!

Study Skills - Test Taking    *  SAT Tutoring   *    Common Core Boot Camps

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​(951) 789-5402 or email us info@MyLearning

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All of our SUMMER groups are on hold until we feel it is safe for our staff/tutors and students.  Any class can work for online tutoring, the pricing can be adjusted.  

Study Skills and Test Taking
$47.00 for 2 hour Session       

     Days & Times coming soon

Ages:  At least 12 but less than 18
Students will be taught test taking strategies and study skills while learning effective study techniques, organizational skills, time management skills and note taking.  Reading and listening skills as well as outlining will be included. 

SAT, PSAT, ACT and ASVAB will be discussed.​

FREE when you sign up for more than 12 hours of tutoring and for current customers. 

Fill the Math Gap         $237/12 hours
Do you want to be ready for next year?  We’ll cover the last quarter of each math level; Math (1, 2, 3), Algebra (1 & 2), Geometry, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus, in a small group collaborative.  My Learning Studio’s Math Instructors will briefly review the first part of the year and then really focus on the last quarter, preparing you for next year. Instruction is on-line or in-person. Pre-assessments are required
4 weeks: 2 - 2.5 hr days = 12 hours. 

Starts June 1st - June 25th   or   June 29th -  July 23rd
                           Mon/Wed                              Tue/Th

   4:30pm     Math 1 or Algebra                  Math 2 or Algebra 2
   6:00pm     Math 2 or Geometry               Math 1 or Algebra
   7:30pm     Math 3 or PreCalc                  PreCalc, or Calculus  

CALL: (951)789-5402

​​Common Core Bootcamps
Reading, Writing & Math

Build your child’s foundation for the upcoming school year.  My Learning Studio’s Common Core instructors REVIEW this year's or PREVIEW the next year’s standards.  Our enthusiastic Math and Reading instructors make learning fun and exciting ensuring each child’s success.  Objectives are Common Core reading comprehension, writing, and fluency, along with current Math standards by grade level, and always small groups.

Register quickly before it’s sold out.  $50 deposit is required to hold your spot and final payment is due 14 days ahead of time.  Deposit is non-refundable, but could be used for other programs. 

                   3 weeks – 12 days       Select  9-12pm or 1-4pm
                          June 15th  – July 2nd        K-5th
                         July    6th – July 23rd        1st -6th grade 

This Bootcamp can also be utilized during private one on one tutoring.