2020 Summer Schedule will be posted in April

Study Skills - Test Taking    *  SAT Tutoring   *    Common Core Boot Camps

Fridays are for fun as we combine reading and writing with art!  Every day starts off with a new book.  And as a group they create a new story and end with an art project focusing on their subject. 

Study Skills and Test Taking
$47.00 for 2 hour Session        SOLD OUT!

     Saturday, May 18, 2019, 10-12:00pm

Ages:  At least 12 but less than 18
Students will be taught test taking strategies and study skills while learning effective study techniques, organizational skills, time management skills and note taking.  Reading and listening skills as well as outlining will be included. 

SAT, PSAT, ACT and ASVAB will be discussed.​

FREE when you sign up for more than 12 hours of tutoring and for current customers. 

Private Tutoring is always available

Select a time on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/ Thursday, same time, same tutor and you may focus on whichever areas you wish. 

All grades and ages.

Call for availability now:    

(951) 789-5402

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My Learning Studio OUTREACH is giving back to the community by offering significantly discounted classes to all.

Now Offering

     ESL - English as a Second Language
This class is for adults and all levels, from beginners to advanced. Learn to speak English fluently. Learn English to help your children in school, get a job, prepare for citizenship, continue with your college education, prepare for your future, or engage with your community.

Whatever your goals are, we have the class for you! This course gives English learners opportunities to study and practice English language communications skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and basic writing. Student centered with a certificated teacher. and affordable Tuition.

4 weeks on Fridays, 9:15 - 11:15am

Starting June 7th or July 12th

$77 per session or $147 for both

Designed for 1-5th graders that love art and our goal is to teach them to love reading and writing too.  

Limited spots are available and you can sign up for 4 consecutive weeks starting on June 7th or July 12th

​​Common Core Bootcamps
Reading, Writing & Math


$477/4 days a week/3 hrs day/3 wks/ 36 hours
Grades 1st - 5th Grades  
Always small groups and limited to 30 student total, incl. all grades
Monday through Thursday, 9:00am – noon or 1:00 - 4:00pm

My Learning Studio’s Common Core specialist will help your child build a strong foundation and be prepared for next year.  Our Reading and Math Instructors will either review last years or introduce your child to next year’s Common Core standards by their grade level, ensuring success next school year.  

Students will work on Common Core reading comprehension,  fluency, and vocabulary along with Math standards by grade level.  Reading and math pre and post assessments will be included.  

This Bootcamp can also be utilized during private one on one tutoring. 

The Art of Reading & Writing