Gross yearly income, as verified on the previous year’s Federal Income Tax Return does not exceed the amounts listed:

30% of AMI in Riverside County

     $16,460        for 2-person family
     $20,780        for 3-person family
     $25,100        for 4-person family
     $29,420        for 5-person family
     $33,740        for 6-person family
     $38,060        for 7-person family
     $42,380        for 8-person family

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My Learning Studio OUTREACH 

     Thank you to a few of our sponsors:

My Learning Studio                        Riverside Downtown Partnership
CONE FAMILY Foundation            Riv. Co. Asset Forfeiture Special Fund

The Grove Community Church       Kinder-Morgan

Hero's Restaurant                           Smart & Final

QV Quick Vids                                Creative Solutions Marketing & Printing

Provident Bank                               Community Foundation -Youth Grantwriters

Another Brilliant Idea, Inc               Riverside & Alvord Unified School Districts

Riverside Assistance League Hearts & Hands

Individual Donors:
        Jaybee Brennan        Dwight Tate
        Chuck Beaty              Florence Miller

        Bobbie Neff                Marsha Locke

​        Matt Perantoni            Peggy Pico-Pearce

        Isadore Ramirez         William Bailey, Jr.

        Aaron Norris               Scott Brennan

        Erik Redmond             


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If you are qualified low-income family, you may qualify for tutoring as low as $19/hour. 

If your child is a foster, adopted or a court-appointed child, currently or past, then you qualify for tutoring as low as $21/hour.  This includes grandparents raising grandchildren. 

Periodically through out the year we are able to offer FREE tutoring through our various grants and sponsorships. Complete the form below if you would like to be placed on a interest list for FREE tutoring.  (951) 789-5402

Free or discount tutoring available for low-income, foster, adopted, at-risk, and court-appointed children, such as grandparents raising with grandchildren

Our mission is to encourage and benefit all students and their parents academically in creative and innovative ways regardless of ethnic, gender or sexual orientation.

Supporting students and families who qualify as low-income, currently economically challenged, foster, adopted or court-appointed children. 

Thanks to a generous grant from The City of Riverside - Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), My Learning Studio OUTREACH will host a Learning + Math = Fun for up to 80 students in grades 1st - 4th (20 in each group) at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School starting  October 12, 2019.

Students will read a math-related book, complete math worksheets and create a craft, all while having fun! Every child will come home with a book to share with family.

Parents are invited to the first and last session to attend the Parent Academies during their child's sessions. Unfortunately, childcare is not available.

51% of these students must be Riverside residents and fall within the low-moderate income levels. Feel free to sign up and you will receive a form to fill out. All students will be required to complete a registration form and indicate if they fall within the guidelines of low-moderate income levels.

City of Riverside students are encouraged to apply and will be selected first if they qualify as low-moderate income and then first come - first serve.

If you would like to participate as a volunteer or sponsor or have any questions, feel free to contact My Learning Studio OUTREACH at (951) 789-5403.

​My Learning Studio OUTREACH was featured on PBS - Exploring the American Spirit hosted by Mary Parks.  Take a moment to check it out. 

CALL: (951)789-5402

My Learning Studio OUTREACH is located in the Woodcrest Plaza with Stater Bros at 17086 Van Buren Blvd.  Riverside, CA  92504  

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Pricing for our Qualified Customers...... 

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Explore Riverside Together 

Saturdays starting October 12th to November 2nd

9:15am to 11:00am

Registration is closed unless you are Low to Moderate Income. 

Contact us during the week at

(951) 789-5403

My Learning Studio OUTREACH (MLSO) provides private individualized tutoring to under resourced students from Riverside and surrounding areas in all levels of mathematics, sciences, reading comprehension and writing. The private individualized tutoring program gives economically challenged, foster, adopted and court appointed students access to affordable, high quality tutoring tailored to their needs.

MLSO's educational instructors and tutors are well qualified and come from leading local universities and colleges. Many of whom are aspiring teachers. They focus on the student's current homework and subject content being taught in their school course, which includes California's Common Core standards.

We begin with the basics to ensure that each student has a strong foundational understanding of the subject matter before moving on to more advanced concepts. This approach allows students to develop the confidence they need to succeed in their class assignments and tests. 

Several MLSO staff members have personal experience with learning disabilities, allowing them to help students with a greater sense of empathy and understanding.

Interested in joining our project?

We'll be looking for sponsors, volunteers, neighborhood docents, and more. 

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For more information.