Exploring Knowledge Together

Join us for a fun-filled day that weaves educational exploration into art, science, reading, and writing. This learning journey steers 1st to 5th grade students to engage in critical thinking, experiential learning, problem-solving, and the joys of the creative process.

During the Art of Reading and Writing lesson, students will learn about narrative structure, plot, character development, and story archetypes. Students may construct an art project that expresses their story creation or perform in a reader’s theater that places them inside their own story.

In the next session, students explore the Beautiful Realm of Art; learning about drawing, painting, collaborative murals, and construction paper crafting. Creating their own masterpiece every day.

At the end of their learning expedition, students will discover the many Marvels of Science, such as archeology, paleontology, engineering, animal biology, and chemistry. For example, a class lesson will give students the chance to live the life of a paleontologist as they unearth fossils from a dinosaur egg.

You may select Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday classes; decide on a full day 9-2 P.M. or sign up for individual classes. The class size is limited to 15 to ensure tailored instruction and educational quality assurance. Semester starts after August 27th, 10 weeks can start anytime.

   9-10:30 am             Art of Reading and Writing
   10:30-12:00 pm      Beautiful Realm of Art
   12-12:30 pm           Lunch
   12:30-2:00 pm        Marvels of Science

Note: When you sign up for Art and Science, student may bring their lunch during lunchbreak

Private Tutoring may be added before or after any of the above classes

Enrichment starts

August 27th for the semester

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Enrichment SCHEDULE: 


Art of Reading & Writing                        9:00 - 10:30 am
Beautiful Realm of Art                          10:30 - 12:00 pm
Lunch Time** 30 minutes 
 (Meal not incl.)  12:00 - 12:30 pm 

   (I**ncluded with full day or Art & Science)
Marvels of Science                               12:30 -   2:00 pm

​Pick one class (1.5 hours @ $18)        
             10 weeks              $162                 
$342    $273* Summer Special

Pick two Classes (3.5 hours @ $45)                        
              10 weeks              $399                     
              Semester              $855  
$684* Summer Special 
    *Includes 30 min. lunch time
(Meal not incl) 

Full Day Enrichment (5 hours @ $54 day)  
             10 weeks              $486            
              Semester             $1,026  
$749* Summer Special


SUMMER SPECIAL when signed up by August 31, 2019   

NOTE:  Meals are not included during Lunch Time

                Classes may begin anytime

All levels of mathematics, science, reading comprehension,  writing, phonics, etc. 

All subject, grades & ages. 

All private one to one tutoring

(951) 789-5402

Expires 8-20-19

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Biology, Chemistry, Physics Wet Labs

CALL: (951)789-5402

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Enrichment Classes for

charter schools or home school Students 

Sign up for full day (9-2pm) or individual classes.  
    10 weeks of one subject          $ 162
     Full Day (9-2pm Semester)     

*Hot Summer Special valid until August 31, 2019

                 *See below for breakdown
Up to 15 students, register early to ensure your spot. 1st to 5th grade only. 

Call now to secure your spot, limited to 15 students per day. 

High School

Biology - Physics - Chemistry Wet Labs

These are the labs for students currently enrolled in high school Biology, Chemistry or Physics classes through their home or charter school and will earn a-g college credits.  We offer 6 days per semester, however only 5 sessions are required. 

Classes are forming now, call for details (951) 789-5402

We offer home school or charter school students individual or full-day enrichment class, Art class or Science Workshops during the day in Riverside.  

Private tutoring anytime, including weekends.  Home school or charter schools are invited to stop by.  We use your curriculum or ours. Homeschooling in So California is a great experience. Whether you want individual tutoring, private tutor, or small group tutoring, we can help!

Math tutoring and reading comprehension are our top specialties.  See results within a couple of weeks.  All personalized to meet each child's needs.  

Tutoring all subjects, science, language arts, Spanish, study skills, test taking, SAT, PSAT, ACT, ASVAB, GED and more.