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Ambassador Person 1: I've lived in Riverside my whole life and My Learning Studio OUTREACH has a special place in my heart. 

Ambassador Person 2: Because when I went to clown school the first few times, I was deemed "not funny", MLS changed all that for me. 

Ambassador Person 3: I'm hard-working and I know alot of powerful people

Ambassador Person 4: I'm on it, I can do it all, give me a chance to prove it. 

Ambassador Person 5:  Seriously, look at me and imagine me with the staff.  I'd make you proud

Ambassador Person 6: Well, it's obvious. I'm smok'n hot and the best candidate.

Ambassador Person 4

Explore Riverside Together 

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Jane Doe

Ambassador Person 3

Purchase all the votes ($1 = 1 vote) you like for a great cause, keep in mind for each $20, you may add a guest to participate in our Scavenger Adventure. 

If you wish to split your votes, type a note in the 2nd option. 

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