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Common Core Reading Comprehension classes will help your child build a strong foundation for reading. Our Reading Instructors will utilize Common Core reading standards based on your child’s grade level, ensuring success this year.
Reading comprehension along with fluency, close reading, and writing is all included.  During class, each child will be required to read aloud, followed by answering reading comprehension questions in both multiple choice and written answers.
Students will also be introduced to useful reading notations and strategies that will be carried throughout their school years.
Homework help is not available during this time

Classes are Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday at 3 or 4pm.


Math 2 and Math 3 tutoring is now available in
Math Masters by Lacey James

This is a teacher led class that focuses on Math 2 & 3 homework. Students are encouraged to assist and collaborate with their peers along with the teacher. This will strengthen their core knowledge and understanding of math. Sign up for a 10 week program, limited spots.
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Reading, Writing and Comprehension

Guaranteed Improvement within 6 week program
This program will guarantee your child will improve within our 6 week program as long as they do not miss a session.  It is designed for 1st – 6th grade students and includes private one on one tutoring.  Our Reading Instructors will provide individual instruction specific for your child’s needs ensuring a better understanding of written and verbal instruction.
Children with ADD/ADHD, Auditory Processing, Dyslexia or other learning disabilities are encourage to sign up.  
$447 2 days a week for 6 weeks or $847 4 days a week Startin anytime.. 

Please contact us to register Monday - Friday 9-4pm (951) 789-5402

As low as$35/Hr

Home Schools & Charter Schools:
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Private Schools:
My Learning Studio can tutor any curriculum, or we can create our own that best meets your students needs.  

ASVAB Tutoring:
We prepare you for your first Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) or help you do better on your next one.  A high score will improve your chances of getting the specialty job and signing bonus you want.  Includes: 12 hours of private tutoring, practice tests, math assessments, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge and vocabulary.  In addition, learn specific test-taking strategies, questions review and understanding, study skills, and time-management. 12 Hours of tutoring is $420.00 ($35 an hour), plus we waive registration of $49.99 = $420.00.  Tutoring is available 7 days a week, 9-9pm.  Friday-Sunday is a min. of 1.5 hours, however we recommend two hour sessions​​.

On-line Tutoring:  
On-line tutoring and Skype tutoring is also available. 

RUSD Tutoring Vouchers are accepted here.

Adult Learners:
Open 7 days a week for private tutoring, Includes Friday - Sunday by appointment. We specialize in math and reading comprehension, however we tutor in all subjects for all ages. We make you feel comfortable and relaxed for optimum learning experience. Se Habla Espanol 

Private Tutoring - all ages

Private math tutor or reading comprehension is available in Riverside. Experienced, trained, background checked, for all ages and levels.  Whether you need Algebra tutoring, geometry, or Common Core math.  We have a perfect tutor for you.  All subjects are available such as, biology, chemistry tutor, Spanish tutoring, homework help, etc. 


We concentrate on your child's foundation to ensure success in the classroom.  Our private 1-on-1 tutoring is available for all subjects, levels, ages and grades.  In private cubicles, not a open space with distractions and not sharing with other students. 

Weekend tutoring is also available, 7 days a week, 9 - 9pm.  

It's your own private tutor, tutor any subject! ​  Includes: Algebra, calculus, Spanish, sciences, SAT preparation, PSAT, ACT tutoring, ASVAB, algebra 2, geometry, accelerated math 1, math 2, math 3, chemistry, biology, home school,  test taking, physics, and more. 

Start Tutoring Today

for as low as $84.99

Call now for details

​(951) 789-5402

SAT Preparation, ACT Preparation, PSAT Preparation, and ASVAB Preparation is all included

All Private one on one Tutoring, all subjects, in Riverside

Private Math tutor, Algebra tutor, Pre-Calculus tutor, Calculus tutor, Biology tutor, Geometry tutor, Homework Club, Private One-on-One tutoring, Chemistry tutor, Spanish tutor, French tutor, Reading Comprehension, Phonics, Phonetics, Homework Help, Study Skills, Riverside math tutor, Sign Language (ASL) and more.   Private 1-on-1 or small group tutoring is available in Riverside, CA.  Now offering Saturday tutoring and Sunday tutoring. 

 Mathnasium, tutoring club, oxford tutoring, 

​​​​SAT, PSAT, ACT, ASVAB Preparation

All Private SAT tutoring available.  Includes ACT preparation, PSAT Preparation and ASVAB Tutoring.  Only focus on your areas of need, no wasted time.  Includes study skills, test-taking  and 5000 vocabulary words.  

Our Tutors will help you develop, practice and focus on each of your personal strengths and weaknesses.  Students learn specific test taking strategies, questions review, study skills and vocabulary. These are 12 private one-on-one sessions and also includes 3+ more hours of practice test taken at your convenience FREE. Plus, math and reading assessments.  No hidden fees and bring your own study books or buy ours,  CollegeBoard SAT Prep. 

12 Hours of tutoring is $420.00 ($35 an hour), plus registration of $49.99 = $469.99. Limited time offer is $447 for the first 12 students.
 Tutoring is available 7 days a week, 9-9pm.  Weekend tutoring is available. 

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