My Learning Studio OUTREACH (MLSO) provides private individualized tutoring to under resourced students from Riverside and surrounding areas in all levels of mathematics, sciences, reading comprehension and writing. The private individualized tutoring program gives economically challenged, foster, adopted and court appointed students access to affordable, high quality tutoring tailored to their needs.

MLSO's educational instructors and tutors are well qualified and come from leading local universities and colleges. Many of whom are aspiring teachers. They focus on the student's current homework and subject content being taught in their school course, which includes California's Common Core standards.

We begin with the basics to ensure that

each student has a strong foundational

understanding of the subject matter before

moving on to more advanced concepts.

This approach allows students to develop

the confidence they need to succeed in

their class assignments and tests. 

Several MLSO staff members have personal experience with learning disabilities, allowing them to help students with a greater sense of empathy and understanding.

Click here for more information & registration
Click here for more information and registration

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Our free tutoring event last January was a big success thanks to our generous donors, Dwight Tate, Jaybee Brennan, Hero's Restaurant, and Chuck Beatty.

We served more than 28 students with private tutoring by our 7 volunteers and many staff members.  57% of the students were qualified as low-income, foster, adopted or court-appointed children.  We offered one hour of free group tutoring (which we turned into Private)  

Our volunteers were an Attorney, Teacher, or aspiring Teachers, all were very motivating and really connected with each student. 

My Learning Studio OUTREACH is located in the Woodcrest Plaza with Stater Bros at 17086 Van Buren Blvd.  Riverside, CA  92504  

Now Offering to our Qualified Customers...... 

​My Learning Studio OUTREACH was featured on PBS - Exploring the American Spirit hosted by Mary Parks.  Take a moment to check it out. 

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Our mission is to encourage and benefit all students and their parents academically in creative and innovative ways regardless of ethnic, gender or sexual orientation.

Supporting students and families who qualify as low-income, currently economically challenged, foster, adopted or court-appointed children. 

End the school year strong with FREE Tutoring for qualified low-income, foster, adopted and court-appointed children.  We will have small group tutoring for 4 Saturdays. You MUST attend all 4 Saturdays to qualify for FREE Tutoring.  Volunteers are needed all 4 days!

Interested in volunteering, adopted a student for success?  Call Lindsay for more information at (951) 789-5402

Free Tutoring and discount tutoring available for all foster, adopted,

court-appointed, and low-income students.