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Biology - Physics - Chemistry Wet Labs

These are the labs for students currently enrolled in high school AP Biology, AP Chemistry or AP Physics classes through their home or charter school and will earn a-g college credits.  We offer 6 days per semester, however only 5 sessions are required. 

Classes are on Thursday or Saturdays, $325.00 for 5 sessions per semester and includes basic supplies.

Join us on Tuesday, Wednesday's or create your own with as little as 6 students!

Spanish - Beginning Conversational

This is a fun class for beginning Spanish, invite your friends to join you for double the fun and learning. All materials are included and optional homework is encouraged. 

$74 for 5 consecutive week  at 9:15am - 10:45am on Wednesdays. Starting November 1st!

Small group Math Tutoring - Tuesday 
Designed specifically for home and charter school Elementary –Middle School students working independently but need assistance on their homework. Does not include Algebra and above mathematics.  Use your own curriculum
$74.00 for 5 consecutive weeks at 9:15am - 10:45am on Tuesdays

Arts, Crafts & Painting - Tuesday or Wednesdays
Looking for some fun and creativity during the daytime?  This class paints, uses clay, decoupage and many other crafts for both boys and girls.  All supplies are included.  Home and charter school students.
$74.00 for 5 consecutive weeks at 10:45am - 12:00pm

Science Labs and More - Tuesday or Wednesdays
We utilize our wet labs for our AP High School courses to encourage a career in biology, chemistry or physics.  All supplies are included and sure to enhance your students knowledge in a science based career. 
$74.00 for 5 consecutive weeks at 12:45pm - 2:00pm Tuesday/Weds

Full-Day Enrichment - Tuesday or Wednesday
Our full day enrichment includes small group mathematics (up to pre-algebra) tutoring or Spanish, arts, crafts & projects, lunch time reading & writing along with science labs and more.  Students Kindergarten to Middle School, mingle together and in small groups.  All supplies are included and meet once a week during your semester. 

8:45 am - 2:00 pm Tuesday or Wednesday
$900.00 for one full day ($54) a week per semester

(up to 17 weeks).  Or you can purchase 5 consecutive weeks.

NEW!  Spanish, Art & Science

Wednesdays - Full Day or Individual Classes

Starting November 1st

Sign up for 5 weeks and receive 7 weeks for a limited time, contact us for details. 

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Excel College Prep             Excel Charter School

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​​Home Schools, charter schools and private school students!

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AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics Wet Labs

Full-day enrichment class, Art class or Science Workshops are available for home school, charter school or independent students. Private tutoring anytime, including weekends.  Home school or charter schools are invited to stop by.  We use your curriculum or ours. Homeschooling in So California is a great experience. Whether you want individual tutoring, private tutor, or small group tutoring, we can help!

Before each lab activity, students will be required to complete a pre-lab write up consisting of reading the lab beforehand, potentially completing a safety pre-lab worksheet, noting any safety concerns and identifying possible hazards and writing a summary of what the lab will entail.  

During each lab, students will follow written procedures, develop a hypothesis, maintain a lab notebook where all data is written for each lab, work with lab partners to solve problems, and use critical thinking skills to complete the lab objectives.  Students will complete a post-lab report where they will answer procedural questions, write their results and conclusions for each lab, determine any areas of possible error, and complete a written analysis. here.

Our instructor, Lacey James has her BA-Mathematics  and AA-Mathematics & Science and currently working on her Master's Degree in Mathematics. 

Enrichment Classes for charter schools or home school Students. 

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